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Despite various measures taken by worldwide governments handling the COVID-19 epidemic, the GFT New Media team remain mobilized to guarantee a consistent quality of service towards our partners, users, and customers. As the leading Ecommerce and Online Complete-Solution Provider with more than 40 years of experience, we would like to express our support to the entire E-commerce community in this context of crisis. We offer discounts up to 90% and donate additional 20-Cent from each $1 to support COVID-19 Help Organisations.

A Few Words
About Work From Home

With the COVID-19 outbreak, many companies around the world are letting employees work from home. Unfortunately, this is not a solution for everyone. It largely depends on the type of work. This is why many people find themselves in a financial situation that threatens their livelihood if they have to stay at home if a COVID-19 infection is suspected or people was in close contact to someone with a COVID-19 infection .

We from GFT New Media like to help as much as possible people around the world to build an alternative income stream, by working from home, in a short period. No experience or specialized knowledge is necessary.

GFT New Media gain no financial advantage trough our COVID-19 Help Initiative because of the most services we offer for free. All paid services are discounted by up to 90%. The resulting earnings mostly not cover our expenses.

At this point, a thank you to all GFT New Media employees who voluntarily waive 25% of their monthly salary and work overtime without additional payments.

Ways how we will help you
For a brighter future

A brief overview of how we will help you to establish a new income stream by working from home.


Everyone is different in knowledge, available IT resources and financial resources!
We use the initial consultation to find out how we can help people to establish a secure altenative income stream without spending a forture on money or month for learning. The 60 Minute consultation is held online via Skype | WhatsApp | Messenger or Phone.


Our goal is it that everybody can run their own business without our help. That's why we offer together to all our Online-Complete-Solutions free e-Learning Cources. Together with our Online-Complete-Solutions you get access to our e-Learning Campus with more that 1000 courses and 4000 hours video tutorials. We offer additional to our e-Learnung courses weekly webinars for FREE. Over the time you will learn and understand exactly how all works, and become independent from us. Our goal is that you can crow YOUR new business by yourself.


Apart from many marketing tools that can be used free of charge, which save a few hundred dollars per month, our team helps you create marketing strategies and campaigns. Once a week you welcome to join our live webinars about online marketing. All services are provide free of charge.


With our exclusive Online-Complete-Solution Packages, you don't need a Graphic Designer, a Web Hosting Provider, a Content Writer, an SEO Company, an IT Company for regular Software Updates, an Online and Social Media Marketing Company and many others. Everthing is included to develop, run and maintain the website.

As part of our COVID-19 Help Initiative, OCS Packages, which are including everything described on this website, starting by just $5 per month.

Top Course Categories

A brief overview of the TOP e-Learning Categories


170+ Cources,
800+ hours video tutorials 

Excel & VBA

120 Courses,
500+ hours video tutorial


250+ Courses,
40+ Projects

Personal Development

40+ Courses,
80+ hours video tutorials


280+ Courses,
2000+ hours video tutorials


We are proud to offer more as 1000 GFT-EDUCBA E-Learning Cources in many hot niches. Perfect in combination with our Online-Complete-Solutions. We offer additional to our e-Learnung courses weekly webinars for FREE. 




Video Tutorials

Mobirise Mobirise


With our exclusive Online-Complete-Solution Packages, you don't need a Graphic Designer, a Web Hosting Provider, a Content Writer, an SEO Company, an IT Company for regular Software Updates, an Online and Social Media Marketing Company and many others.

Our Online-Complete-Solutions Service-Packages are a modular system; services can be added when needed or removed at any time if not required for the purpose of each individual website. Thus it is possible to create individual Online-Solutions for each website and reduce at the same time the costs for our clients. Not used services will, of course, not be invoiced.

All Service Plans including: Web & Logo Design, Web hosting, SSL Certificates, S.E.O. Optimization, Website Backups, Website protection via SecureLock, 24/7 Support, website maintenance service, high-quality Stock Photos, and Videos, and much more.

Depending on the chosen Service Plan you get free website content update service, free online banner advertising across GFT New Media Websites and Website Directory. Additional, you get also free premium memberships to access a few of our professional online tools, which will help you to boost your online business and save you a few hundred dollars over time.

For all our website development, we use up-to-date technology. As an example, Our Accelerated Mobile Page website packages, guarantee website loading times of less than 3-second. Studies have shown that loading times of less than 3-second significantly improving performance, which directly affects metrics like conversions, total dollars spent, and time spent on site. Since higher page load times correlate with higher bounce rates. Reducing the typical website load time to 3 seconds or fewer shows an average conversation jump from more than 50%, and overall revenue from mobile sites also increases by more than 80%.

With more than four decades of experience in IT Business, Software Development, Graphic Design, Online and Social Media Marketing, and more than 1200 IT projects, we were always listening to our clients. If we summarize and analyze all these experiences, we clearly see 2 common problems which haven't changed in 4 decades, first at all the problem of responsibility and coordination within IT-Projects. As more companies and people involved, as more often problems occur. The Second common problem are websites, that are not optimally geared to the needs.

With our Online-Complete-Solutions, these problems no longer exist. From our clients point of view, there is only one responsible company, which significantly facilitates coordination and communication. No more time coordination problems between companies in the project workflow. No more excuses that somebody from another company didn't provide the correct information or result in time. In summary, fewer problems, and less waiting time means fewer project hours, which results in reduced project costs for our clients.

Secondly with our modular service packages, our clients pay only for the service they need and use. With our Online Complete Solutions, Cost-saving for our clients from up to 70% and more are not uncommon.

COVID-19 Help Initiative
Related to our COVID-19 Help Initiative we make our Online-Complete-Solution Packages available for everybody from just $5. These packages including all services as we sold to hundreds of individuals bevore COVID-19 but with a price reduced up to 90%.


Our more than 39-year heritage and also our company locations in Germany, England, Spain, and Thailand give us a distinct perspective on the needs of our clients and their IT-Business requirements. We lead today by putting those insights to work to deliver innovative, better, and affordable IT-Solutions. Our forward-looking leadership team is a driving force in ensuring we meet the needs of all our clients - for their daily IT-Business.

There are many clients over the past 40 years, to name only a few common known: German Military, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Brussels Belgium, the German Tax Offices, Companies like Lufthansa, Simrit, Vileda, BASF Corporation, Car manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Ford, Financial Institutions like Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, and many more. In the meantime 1200+ client projects and counting.

GFT New Media & COVID-19 Effects 
Since 2014 our head office is in Thailand in the business center of Bangkok. To protect our employees, we decided at the beginning of January 2020 that everybody works from home. Modern technology makes it possible that we can provide all services to our clients worldwide without any delay or adverse effects.

GFT New Media COVID-19 Help Initiative
With our COVID-19 Help Initiative, we like to help people around the world to establish making money online and working from home. Most of the services we will provide are 100% free or have only a small monthly fee to cover a part of the expenses we have. Services within our Online-Complete-Solutions we can combine individually like Lego-Blocks. This enables us to set up service packages for each individual person and the surrounding circumstances. Our Online-Complete-Solution packages, including everything that is needed to develop, run, and maintain a professional online business. We also provide more than 1000 E-Learning Courses with a total of 4000+ hours of video tutorials. We will grand free access for everybody who uses our Online-Complete-Solution packages. Our goal is to get people so fast as possible in charge to manage and grow their new online business by there self.

GFT New Media COVID-19 Help Initiative [Offline]
We are aware, that not everybody has access to the internet or related technology like Desktop Computers, Laptops, or Smartphones. Don't worry; we have covered this as well. With our OFFLINE Campaigns, everybody can make money from home without Internet access. Just contact us, we will discuss a suitable solution for everybody. All consultations are FREE! To contact our service team use the contact information we provide on this site. Click on CONTACT at the top menu.

CEO GFT New Media

Founder & CEO - GFT New Media
40 Years IT Experiance, responsible for the daily workload to run the company and the communication to clients.

R. Inthanet
CCO GFT New Media

CCO (Chief Communications Officer)
Resposible for the communication between GFT Management and Thai -Authorities, -Clients and -Employees.


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